Utility Vehicles

Electric golf carts - transport of goods and/or persons

Made especially for you. We make your electric golf cart(s) so you can use them where you need them. Do you want a golf cart for transporting goods? As a promotional vehicle? Or to sell products for example? Tailor made. And the possibilities are endless. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Invest-Mobile Electric Trucks

Our electro trucks have proven themselves and are very suitable for all kinds of applications such as industry, green maintenance, cleaning service, goods transport, security and city distribution, …

The electric vehicles are tailored to the end user and his work possibly with a cabin and also the simple operation ensures optimum user comfort.

All Elektrotrucks and Electrocars can be equipped with a regenerative braking system and our cabin is also with safety glass if the customer wishes, we also make custom made cabins.

Various possibilities

  • Our service department is specialized in the maintenance and repair of electric vehicles both on location and in our own workshop.
  • We also carry out expertise assignments for various insurances.
  • We work together with governments at home and abroad on legislation.
  • We also assemble vehicles in-house.
  • We take care of the maintenance and repair in our modern equipped workshop but also on location. With our service agents we offer a Benelux covering service.

Advantages electric vehicles

  • The electrocar is very manoeuvrable.
  • The Electrocar can be delivered with license plate for the whole of Europe.
  • All Elektrotrucks have the appropriate documents.
  • All our electric vehicles can be made to your wishes in terms of load capacity, autonomy, etc. and all this in a well organized workshop.
  • Our Electrocar and Elektrotrucks are quiet and whisper-quiet and suitable for on public roads.
  • Spacious battery capacity Delivery with and without license plate both at home and abroad.

Material & Maintenance

  • Appropriate replacement material is available to our customers 24 hours a day.
  • We have many pieces of a large assortment in our warehouse.
  • During the maintenance and repair of your electric vehicle, Invest-Mobile has appropriate transport available. Ask our service department about the possibilities.
  • In our warehouse you will find a complete range of parts, but also for the electric vehicles Yamaha and Ezgo. Club Car.
  • All our Electrocar and Elektrotrucks can be made according to your professional wishes concerning loading capacity, autonomy, etc. and all this in a well organized workshop of our own.

If you wish, you can always ask for upcoming information.