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Garia Golf Carts

"In luxury and style comfortable and electric driving in the city"

Garia – the ultimate – electric golf cart / LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) for the city. Designed in style. Manufactured with the highest quality materials. Electric and therefore an environmentally friendly alternative for your daily transport in the city or on the track.

This electric golf cart is suitable for on public roads throughout Europe. Your golf cart will be delivered with license plate, in the Benelux and all other European countries.

With Garia you choose for comfort, style and high quality. A unique design. Stylish and luxurious. You will be amazed by this ultimate, comfortable vehicle and want to drive straight into it.

Invest-Mobile - Your Garia supplier in Europe

We are not going to try to convince you of the quality and high quality finish of the Garia golf cart/LSV vehicle. You may come and experience it. Quickly make an appointment for a test drive or visit our showroom to see it with your own eyes.

You will be amazed by the choice of high quality materials, the ultimate driving experience and the stylish and unique design. We offer you the alternative, environmentally conscious means of transportation for the city.

Invest Mobile is your official supplier of electric Garia golf carts in the Benelux and Europe. Completely designed to your wishes and equipped with all comfort, options and desired extensions. In the color of your choice.

That's why Invest Mobile

Quality and comfort - all parts worked out in detail

When you choose for a Garia, you choose for quality, safety and comfort. Everything has been thought of. Invest-Mobile listens to your wishes and ensures that you will soon be able to enjoy a sublime driving experience in your own luxury LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) for the city.

All conceivable options, of the highest quality, are available. We are happy to think along with you and advise you on the standard options that are available or can be added.

Smart solutions - luxurious, stylish and unthinkable possibilities

With a Garia golf cart you will experience the sublime driving characteristics in the city. You will have a full-fledged vehicle in which everything has been thought of to make your driving experience as optimal as possible. Comfortable and safe. Suitable for the public road and equipped with license plate.

Driving experience and comfort will not be lacking. How about the latest technical gadgets, smart storage options and the use of the best materials to ensure your safety.

Garia models

Each model has its own unique features and performance. Suitable for the public road or on the golf course.

Garia special edition

Inspired by Mercedes Benz, this unique Garia-style golf cart has been developed for you on public roads. This 4-seater Low Speed Vehicle has just that little bit more luxury, just that little bit more style, just that little bit more Garia.

Garia golf

Or a golf cart for the course, for 2 or 4 persons. Aimed at the course where you enjoy all the comfort you need to move you and your fellow passengers.

Garia Monaco

With the Garia Monaco you drive seamlessly from the golf course to your favorite destination in the city. The performance is excellent. With the Garia Lithium batteries you reach a top speed of 40km/h and drive an average of 50km with a charged battery. For 2 or 4 persons.

Garia Roadster

Do you like driving with the roof open? Choose the Garia Roadster for 2 or 4 persons. What an appearance. What a performance. And what a sublime driving experience.