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4x4 Work vehicle

“The Beast”

An electric 4×4 work vehicle with zero emissions “The Beast”. Whether it’s muddy paths… impossibly steep slopes, on the campsite or for hunting, the electric 4×4 work vehicle “The Beast” will certainly take you everywhere. 100% Fun to drive and practical to use.

Feel free to ask for a test drive with us or with you on the terrain or on the public road and experience the difference because this electric workhorse is suitable for all terrains.

Exciting & Unique

Is it for camping or do you want to go hunting in the hills or just for leisure? Our specially assembled vehicle for Invest-Mobile will certainly not disappoint you. Our electric vehicles are exciting and unique in the electric golf cart world.

Performance 4-6 hours

Thanks to our maintenance-free, high-power gel batteries, the electric 4×4 golf cart can work hard for 4-6 hours between charges – all with zero emissions and virtually no noise. Each 4×4 vehicle comes with a built-in, UL-approved charger that automatically shuts off when the gell batteries are fully charged.

Do you like challenges?

Our electric 4×4 “The Beast” has an impressive payload and four-wheel drive and semi-independent suspension to help you where the roads are difficult for others. Even with a full load, the ground clearance is good, the powerful 5kw engine has the right power also for unpaved surfaces.

2-wheel drive or 4x4

The 2-wheel drive can also be turned on for an energy-efficient ride. The 4×4 drive setting of our electric golf cart with ‘public road permission’ ensures that you can also easily reach the unpaved roads.

Assamblage under own management

Invest-Mobile’s electric 4×4 work vehicles are assembled under our own management. Moreover, the functionality of these electric vehicles is enormous. As standard we deliver our vehicles fully homologated for use on public roads including on-board documents.

The range is, depending on the circumstances, 60-80 km. The maximum speed of the electric 4×4 “The Beast” is 40km/per hour. All colors are possible and a heavier battery pack such as lithium is a possible option – like of course a cover.