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iMOB Golf carts

iMob golf carts for the public road

Invest-Mobile is the supplier of iMob golf carts for the Benelux and Germany. Functional, electrically driven golf carts. Environmentally friendly. Suitable for the public road. So ideal for the city!

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Invest-Mobile is manufacturer and supplier of the electric golf cart called iMob. Electric driving on public roads? With the iMob you have the alternative means of transportation in the city, on the golf course, company premises or in the vicinity of your home. Our vehicles meet all the requirements to drive on public roads in Europe. You must be in possession of a moped certificate.

iMob electric golf carts

As an innovative company we focus on electric vehicles for the private user and offer companies in the tourism sector, municipalities and government and other institutions our practical, functional and energy efficient vehicles for transporting guests, persons and/or goods.

The many models, accessories and options make the iMob golf cart suitable as a multifunctional vehicle for transporting people and/or goods. Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and functional solution for your company? The iMob golf carts offer the solution for you as well. Silent driving on public roads, fast charging and parking without worries.


The iMob electric golf carts are maintenance friendly, electric and can be used for many applications. Invest-Mobile assembles the iMob in its own factory. The vehicles are equipped with original accessories (lighting, seatbelts, etc.) so that driving on public roads is allowed. Vehicles for customers in Belgium are provided with a Belgian license plate. For customers abroad, vehicles are delivered ready to use, according to local legislation. The iMob electric vehicles are available from stock.


All our electric mini vehicles do not rust and are equipped with an aluminum chassis. Invest-Mobile has its own service and maintenance department.